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Dates + Info

Experience start: Boats leave the dock in Svolvær, Norway at 6:30pm on Friday, 8/30, 2019.

Experience end: Svolvær, Norway, 10am, Friday, 9/6, 2019. Fly out of Leknes (LKN) or Svolvaer (SVJ) airport anytime after 11am, or continue via ferry to Bodø for additional flight options. 


$1950 per person, all inclusive of accommodation (based on double occupancy), all food onboard, one optional activity per day onshore, one night of accommodation on land during the sailing voyage, all costs associated with sailing including fuel, docking fees, etc.

Not included: alcohol, meals onshore, flights, accommodation before or after sailing voyage begins and ends. 


Multi-city flight itineraries departing to Tromsø returning from Leknes (LKN) or Svolvaer (SVJ), or Bodø  (with ferry connection) from $900 round trip: NYC, SF, LA, DEN. We also suggest checking Norwegian Air for discount tickets to Oslo, connecting to another airline for continuing on to Lofoten.

Interested in extending your trip before or after this Bolt Experience? Bergen, Oslo, and other Norwegian destinations are a short flight away,


We'll sail monohull boats through deep blue fjords, past flowing waterfalls, under sharp, snow-capped mountains that tower high above.

Late August is the beginning of Northern Lights season in Tromsø. We're keeping our fingers crossed.


Tiny towns under big mountains. Being on a small boat gives the opportunity to tie up wherever we choose.


Hikes up steep ridges, ancient Viking archeological sites, and views that stretch for days. There's lots to see, both on and off the boat.


We'll sail high above the Arctic Circle, where the long days extend into the night.

Departing from above the Arctic Circle in Svolvaer, Norway, this expedition will take us through some of the world's most stunning scenery. Carved by a long succession of ice ages, the Fjordlands of Norway and it's unreal landscape haven’t changed much since people started living here. We'll sail up Fjord arms and past soaring waterfalls as part of our exploration of this UNESCO heritage site. Along the sides and at the inner and outer ends of each fjord you’ll find small communities and villages, each with its own specialty that reflects its local traditions, some only accessible by boat.

Each day, we'll have opportunities to explore off the boat, with plenty of time for hikes up to scenic vistas, exploring hotsprings, walks through small villages, and kayaking along the shore from white sand beaches.

Note that while August is one of the warmest months in the Fjordlands, the climate can be sunny one moment and rainy the next. Make sure to come prepared with rain gear and the understanding we could see wet conditions. 


Join us for a week long exploration by sail through the fjords of Norway.