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December 29th, 2018 - January 3rd, 2019


$1150 per person includes: lodging and a full slate of daily experiences including yoga, whale watching, and standup paddleboarding.

3 dinners, including a private New Year's Eve celebration on the beach. 

Not included: meals not listed above, alcoholic beverages, flights

Please note rooms are double occupancy (we'll pair you with someone awesome), or stay by yourself for an additional cost. 


From $750 round trip: NYC, SF, LA, DEN, CHI. We suggest flying into the colonial city of Oaxaca for Christmas market exploration before the experience in Mazunte, and flying out of the nearby cities of Puerto Escondido or Huatulco. Or fly directly into and from one of the coastal cities. 


Our new home: Hotel Arigalan, set Up on the hill, overlooking a plunge pool and flowers of all stripes, sorts, and sizes.

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start 2019 poolside


Just the right amount of crazy to ring in 2018. A full slate of laid back bars, a world famous Mezcaleria (complete with live music and salsa every night), and a bonfire to celebrate the New Year.

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private boat charters for whalewatching. a native temescal (sweat lodge) ceremony. yoga on the beach. each day, join (or don't!) a totally optional, delightful, unexpected, local experience.


Pristine beaches. Hidden coves. Hikes to high vistas. Mazunte has something to offer everyone.


New Years Eve dinner on the beach

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R & R At your own speed.

The coast of Oaxaca, home to wide open, miles-long beaches, plenty of mescal, and local culture stretching back thousands of years. Mazunte is it's heart, a small town filled with music in the streets, delicious local options for food, and a pristine coastline perfect for a dip. It's the perfect mix of laid back vibes coupled with vibrant energy to start off your 2019. 

We're renting out a beautiful hotel on a hill overlooking the coast. Enjoy your stay in a palapa, the traditional (though with an updated take) structures typical in this part of Mexico - you'll recognize the roof made of palm leaves. Take a dip in the infinity pool set over the beach, lounge in a day bed swinging above the sand, or jump in the ocean to cool off. 

Each day, you're invited to a (totally optional) local, delightful, unexpected experience, from a private whalewatching boat charter ending on a private beach to a temescal (native sweatlodge) ceremony performed by a local healer. On New Year's Eve, we'll come together on the beach for a delicious dinner. Think fresh-caught seafood out of carved pineapples. 


Want to celebrate 2018 with us in Mexico?